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I’m Tom Hanks!

No, not the actor Tom Hanks, but I get that a lot. I am actually the true Tom Hanks since I was born before him. He copies me, so ha!

Anyways, I am a contractor for multi-million dollar corporations around the USA. We work on large projects that must meet all safety requirements and deadlines.

We build nice buildings, homes, apartments, bars, restaurants, library, clubs, and more. You name it we design, plan, and build it out.

You tell us what you are invisioning and we will create the final piece.

We are that talented at what we do. That’s why I have created this blog to keep track of all our fabulious projects and how we built them.

Adding home improvement DIY tips and recommending local contractors we have partners up with around the country.

If you are looking for a local project done in your area, we recommend a lot of great companies on this blog.

Hope my construction experience helps you grow into a better contractor.

Happy Constructing & Contracting !


Tom Hanks